Rooted in function...

Rooted in function...

Our History

Paint Valley Farms is a purebred Shorthorn cattle operation located in the beautiful rolling hills of Holmes County, Ohio. A family owned farm, PVF strives to produce functional cattle that have the proven performance to work in real world beef production, while retaining the balance and eye appeal that is so strong in the Shorthorn breed.

Lee Miller has been involved in livestock production from an early age. Growing up the background provided by the dairy cattle and hogs raised on their family farm built a foundation for Lee that taught him to value practical, functional, structurally correct livestock. These roots ran deep, as soon after entering the beef cattle business, Lee found himself desiring greater performance from his cattle.

Paired with a love for the Shorthorn breed and a passion to make them better, Lee started a breeding program that would move his herd in a more productive and efficient direction with a strong emphasis on consistency. If you visit Paint Valley Farms today, you'll find a herd of moderate, efficient, and maternal Shorthorn cattle raised on rotational grazing and the forages grown on the farm.


Our Mission

To provide commercial cattlemen with rugged, high-quality, maternal Shorthorn bulls that will consistently maximize maternal heterosis and carcass merit.

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Our Family

Lee & Dawn Miller with their children Whitney, Grant, Derek, Megan & grand daughter Marlee.